What We Do For You

  We Maximize Your Social Security & Make       It Easy!
  We Show You How to Make The Best       Choices
  Speak to An Expert: Access to A Dedicated       Social Security Advisor
  Tell You When to File, What to File, & How       to File
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Why Help is Needed

  70% of Americans Leave Money On The      Table ($120,000 On Average, Per Couple)
  Social Security Is Complicated! Are You      Making The Right Decisions?
  Most Financial Advisors & Planners Don't      Know How to Maximize Social Security
  The Social Security Administration Is      Prohibited from Providing Advice
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What You Get

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How It Works

Step 1:  Take the first step towards Maximizing Your Social Security! Answer a few basic questions to help us customize your Maximum Social Security StrategySM and you're on your way!
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Step 2:  Your Social Security Advisor will work with you to explore all of your Social Security claiming options and will help you Maximize Your Social Security! You now have a dedicated guide focused on you to help you make these critical decisions.
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Step 3:  After a full analysis of ALL your claiming options, you'll receive your Maximum Social Security StrategySM via email tailored specifically for you and a personalized recommendation from your Social Security Advisor so you can start earning more!
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What is Social Security Advisors? An Overview.

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The Million Dollar Question

This Is The Big One: Many couples receive more than $1,000,000 in joint lifetime Social Security benefits; making the right decision about this overlooked retirement asset is critical!